About Sticky Back Patch Co.

Our Mission:

At Sticky Back Patch Company, we're not just selling EDC accessories; we're creating a movement. From meticulously designed patches to versatile pouches and bags, we're dedicated to outfitting the unique among us—those who carry not just essentials but stories.


The Artisan's Promise:

Everything at Sticky Back Patch springs from a personal passion for design and functionality. As a one-person show, I wear all the hats—designer, photographer, content creator, and more. Every pin, patch, and pouch is a chapter in our ever-growing saga of craftsmanship. I personally ensure each product carries my unique spin, even on the most familiar faces. 


Veteran Roots:

I served in the Marine Corps, and the traits of discipline and determination are embedded in the DNA of Sticky Back Patch. This venture is more than a business; it’s an extension of my service, delivering excellence to the family that grows with every new 'cult' member who joins our ranks.


Family First:

When you choose Sticky Back Patch, you're not just a customer; you're family. We're in this together, from the excitement of product launches to the joys of shared successes. I design for you—so when you wear a Sticky Back Patch product, it’s a badge of belonging.


A Journey of Learning:

I am completely self-taught, embracing every challenge from graphic design to running a business. It’s been a road of discovery, learning as I go, fueled by a desire to deliver the extraordinary. My journey is marked by both the precision of my Marine Corps past and the creative flux of living with Bipolar Type 1 and ADHD—each day is a canvas, some more productive than others, but all driving towards excellence.


Join the Adventure:

Your voice matters. Leave a review, drop a comment, share your story. As we navigate the twists and turns of this adventure, your feedback is the compass that guides our course.


Embrace the Unique:

Sticky Back Patch is about celebrating individuality in all its forms. It's about the gear that tells your story, accessories that speak of adventures yet to come, and a community that's always ready to welcome another kindred spirit.


So, let’s make the everyday extraordinary. Welcome to Sticky Back Patch Co.—where every stitch and pixel tells a story. Yours.