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Sticky Back Patch

Freshest Prince Sticker Set - Street Style DBZ Flair

Freshest Prince Sticker Set - Street Style DBZ Flair

Infuse your belongings with the spirit of the streets and the flair of your favorite anime hero with our "Freshest Prince" Sticker Set. This exclusive duo features one sticker with a vibrant background capturing an iconic stance and another showcasing the character in full swagger mode, with no background, for a clean and versatile look.

These high-quality stickers are perfect for decorating laptops, skateboards, notebooks, or any surface that needs an extra dash of cool. Made for the anime lover with a taste for urban fashion, these stickers bring a unique crossover style to your collection. The bold colors and crisp outlines are designed to stand out, giving a nod to both classic anime and contemporary streetwear.

Packaging Note: Every "Freshest Prince" Sticker Set comes with two premium stickers – one with a scenic background for context and drama, and the other featuring just the character for a focused and striking impression. They're the perfect way to show off your anime pride and streetwear sensibility wherever you go.

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