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Yellow Menace Patch Set - Anarchic Character Duo

Yellow Menace Patch Set - Anarchic Character Duo

Cause a playful stir with our Yellow Menace Patch Set, featuring the unmistakable yellow-faced rebel shrouded in his signature purple bandana. Each set includes two vibrant PVC patches that capture the Menace's dual-sided personality, ready to bring a touch of anarchy and fun to your gear.

These patches aren't just accessories; they're a statement. Made to endure the elements, they are the perfect addition to your jacket, bag, or hat, letting you carry a piece of rebellion wherever you go. The Yellow Menace is not just a character; he's a lifestyle, a statement of independence and nonconformity.

Packaging Note: Joining the two high-quality PVC patches are two stickers mirroring the Menace's spirited image and an art card, making this set a collector's gem. Each package is carefully assembled to ensure your Menace arrives ready for action. Limited edition and full of character, this patch set is a must-have for anyone who loves to wear their personality on their sleeve, or anywhere else for that matter!

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